Peace of the Sacred Vegetable to You

While enjoying my Sweet Pea’s music last night, I had a wonderful conversation with some young men who are enthusiastically becoming farmers. These guys are passionate about their peas and their pigs. They love food, they love the dirt and they really love the notion of feeding people. It was fun to be in the midst of their enthusiasm.

I’m a big food fan, so it was fun to talk to them, but what really caught my attention was their passion. They glowed with it. They filled up with it. And they were working it. They’re not making a lot of money, but they are making a difference. And that’s all they care about right now.

And that’s what’s important. It doesn’t matter whether they continue this for the rest of their lives or choose something else. But I doubt they’ll ever settle for less than exhilaration in their work again. Who knows where they might have wound up if the business landscape offered more opportunities, but it doesn’t. All over the world you watch people either settle or take the risks and decide for the good. Keep your eye on those taking the leap. Let them inspire your own leaping. When we’re doing what makes our hearts sing, when we understand that everyone should be doing what makes their hearts sing, we’re on the Peace Road. And that’s a good thing. Embrace your passion. Live your vision. make Peace, with yourself first, then with the wider world.