Participating in Advent Peace

We are the longed for difference. We are what the world needs.

Our struggling best is exactly what the world needs from us. Participating. It’s what’s asked of us.

What ever your faith or philosophic tradition, I believe this. Life is such a miraculous thing. It is totally ridiculous that it happens. And yet it does. So Participating is just saying thanks, enjoying this, over here! Making sure everyone else can as well.

There’s so much work to do. Our hands are needed. Without whining that someone else isn’t doing his/her part… sometimes we need to grab the hand of the person next to us and encourage them along. Participating. It’s a wild and heady feeling.

Because life is wonderful. And we are privileged to be alive. And some of the world needs so much — and who are we to withhold what we have?

Take some time during this season to figure out what your part is. Do something every day to make it better. Take a moment to renew your faith in the gift we’re given. And then get busy. Life needs you! So does Love. So does Peace.

Alternative Advent – December 15: 10¢ for every outside door.