Looking at Peace from Both Sides

Why do I write poetry? I think It’s so I can understand. If I have to write about Peace, every day, and someone gives me a picture and suggests I think about it and I do, then I write my way forward to another tiny point about Peace. Often I wind up someplace I’d never expected.

The grasshopper surprised me with an insight. This curious, cocky little guy is designed as an eating machine. He and the farmer are pretty much at odds.

Greeny and his buddies want to feast on the farmer’s carefully planted fields. The farmer, on the whole, would prefer that the grasshopper tribe didn’t.

Balance is needed. Balance in this case means there are grasshopper predators enough to keep the fields growing yet enough greenery to keep the grasshoppers reproducing and playing their grasshopper cellos.

So many things to look at from both sides. So much Peace to be understood and made.