Rocks of Peace

I am a rather reluctant outdoorswoman. Now more than ever there’s that allergy thing. And I don’t know whether it’s inertia or friends, or what, but it’s hard to get me outside, unless there are friends dragging me along. And then I remember I like things.

And it’s not every time I am in Nature that I remember how much I like heart shaped rocks. I have a beautiful California jade heart i wear, picked up on a beach, and wrapped in silver wire. They fit well in our hands and it’s plenty grounding to play with stones.

The Riverkeeper tells me that those rock cairns can interrupt Nature and we’re better not making them. So maybe if we find heart rocks we can just set them out a bit more prominently.

Some people are painting rocks and leaving them around towns. Maybe we could just leave plain, unpainted, pretty heart rocks. Reminders to the world, I love you. I come in Peace.

They remind me every time i hold them: I love.  I come in Peace. I have Peace in my hands for you in the shape of a heart shaped rock.