The Sun Goes Down on Grief, We Must Rise in Peace

I really don’t have any good words about yesterday. It was a day of being tired about everything crazy, everything gone wrong. It was a day when some raged and there was no comfort to offer but presence… but presence is something…

It was a day when self righteousness reared its head and it has no place.

It was a day when some people thought they could tell us we didn’t belong in this land of our birth because we thought differently than they did.

It was a day when all the people who were not touched, not wounded by bullets, not killed by them howled in outrage and hate. And others just wept and wept and wept. Some for the way it is. Some of us for what must be done, what we haven’t done…

It was a day of too little Peace. We must make this, and all the ones that follow, days of great Peace. It’s on us. Peace, let us become Peace.

I’m very excited though to be taking Rosario to NYC to Peace Camp today. That gives me hope!

And remember, I love you. Peace be with us all. Peace be us all.


Repairing the Foundations of Peace

It feels as if the world in which I live is increasingly hostile. Not so much to me, I’m well insulated in my, I admit, very lovely world.

But to so many others. That the conversation is always about others. That time after time I hear the Not Like Us invoked.

Those of us who live comfortably must stand for, stand up for, stand with the not like us folk of the world.

We must work at the foundations… on our own, and in an organized fashion. Peace is at stake here. Do we want it? In this world, we need to want it badly if we are to persevere.

All we are saying, is give Peace a chance… Everyday Peace. Every day, Peace.