Growing Power; Growing Peace

Last night I went to hear Will Allen, Urban Farmer, speak to the Bucknell Freshmen. Smart, savvy, wonderful, this former pro basket ball player is working on reconstructing how we grow food one urban neighborhood and rural landscape at a time.

It’s a wonderful thing. You can learn more about him here.

One man, with a small dream, is making a huge difference in many lives. And then, he’s set out to challenge the young to find ways to be part of this movement.

What he did is so outrageous and yet, at the same time so possible.

It took a while to realize that a) I have enough on my plate and b) I’m no farmer.

But Will Allen is a Tinkerbelle I’m happy to clap for… Anyone else wants to be this sort of farm fairy, I’ll clap for you too!

Growing Soil. Growing Power. Growing Peace. Wow!