Soft Sabbath Lines of Peace

Today’s picture is so peaceful.

And the line is inviting.

Cross over! There’s more to this world than you are currently seeing.

Here in our little valley at least, today is going to be a wonderful day, filled with sunshine and beauty. For me, it will be filled with family. Sarrah is home!!! and her little boys too! It’s exactly what a Summer Sabbath should be in my book: First my community and worship and then every last living member of my birth family. Many others will be celebrating with their families, I wish you all joy. And for those of you whose families are far away or weren’t what you might have wanted them to be, then glom onto a good family, or spend the day in Peace — because you deserve it!

Explore the Peace. Expand the Peace. Life is so much bigger and sweeter than we know. So is Peace. I’m going to go loll around in the bath for a few moments and savor what’s coming! You enjoy your day! Peace!