Romping. Romping? Romping. For Peace.

When was the last time we romped? Just full out played. Not with a child. Not with the dog. Just because we wanted to and it felt good.

It feels so non-grown up, somehow, doesn’t it?

We have important business to be about. (or so we convince ourselves.)

But what if that business were play and enjoyment. What if we loved with our whole heart and then our whole body. Whoo hoo!

I’m pretty goofy — and this feels like a challenge. All the more reason to explore, eh? What would be bad about some flat out enjoyment in our lives? in mine? in yours?

Because I’m pretty sure that Peace has to have fun in it. I’m thinking that Advent needs more than solemnity. So, maybe we should work on romping… as we work on Peace.

Alternative Advent – December 16: 25¢ for every television.