Advent Cuddling for Peace?

And why not? Why not snuggle in and enjoy the dark. Light the candles, fluff the throw, put on some seasonal music. Someone special in your life? Share the comforter and the candlelight.

We need this. All of us. We need to rest in the security and beauty of our lives, to fill our lungs and hearts with it. We need to open our eyes to the abundance in our lives.

That’s when we can go to work. We can work on Peace because we know that everyone deserves what we have. We can work on Peace because we have touched base with all we’re blessed with. So enjoy the luxury. Cuddle up. huh. and Cuddle down. Cuddling. It’s a good thing. Savor your own Peace and then share it. Ah, Advent you teach me.

Alternative Advent – December 9: 20ยข for every tub or shower.