Disturbing the Peace to Make the Peace

Jays are wild and noisy birds. You know when they’re in the neighborhood. When something’s wrong, you really know. They shriek and holler and dart by in beautiful blue.

Right now, in all our neighborhoods, I think there are many things going wrong. Democracy is under attack. if we don’t step up, who will?

I think it’s time to make some noise. It’s time to show our Beauty.

I’m actually a very Peaceable demonstrator (although I do love me some loud and rhythmic chant.) But my democracy is important to me, and I’m not going to see it waltz off without any resistance, without any persistence.

Welcome backs sisters to the Persisterhood!

Let us be like the Jays. Let us be bold. Let us be noisy. Let us be beautiful! Let us be like the Jays for Peace.


Peace on the Edge and In-Between

This is such a great picture of a weather front. On one side of the line it is bright and beautiful; on the other the clouds are grey and lowering. I love that she caught a shot with the delineation happening along the shore; as above, so below.

This, I believe, is where Peace dances; here a bit, there a bit and in between. If we’re going to dance with Peace we must live in the confusion and the mix up. We must welcome what is and what is coming; what is and what was… I don’t know which way that front is traveling.

We’re not always fans of that unsettledness, particularly when what is ahead isn’t all bright and beautiful. But we have to make Peace with that as well. Because the seeds of change are there.

Peace. I think it cuts both a fine line and a wide swath.