Peace of the Tiny Little Things

Luckily, yesterday was far less traumatic than the last time. (which only makes me believe harder that my dentist used a string, a wrench and a door in the removal of that molar. No seriously, folks. that was owie!)

But my brain was firing on fewer than all cylinders most of the day, so it was a pleasure to come home to a new book by a favorite time whiler-awayer… And since I usually write her a review, so I didn’t even have to pay her for it. I’m happy to read and review Audrey Faye‘s books. They’re sweet, edgy, and amusing. And just the right length for a look away from life. Oh, and she writes series of books with bunches of friends that you get to know and care for. Always a fave with me. I read lots of different kinds of books, but I always have a few that simply take me away from what i’m doing now. so hurrah.

Actually, I’ve corrected enough spelling mistakes in today’s post that I’m clearly not yet firing on all cylinders! Maybe I’ll have to reread the book! And wander down to the book store to see if they have the Tim Wise’s new book, “Under the Affluence,” which I next need to read.

But when your brain is marshmallow, stick with the fluff. You do what you do when you can…

Peace is often very small and sweet, which means it’s not entirely insignificant. Peace. wherever you find it today, my friends.