Sweet Unwaited Gifts of Peace

I didn’t know what was waiting at Deb’s house when I went to get the photos. (It’s always going to be Deb’s house, just like my car is always going to be Deb’s car.)

I’m a pretty confident person, so I knew I’d at least look relaxed and engaged while i was there.

But obviously not completely relaxed. Deb had one of Mom’s irises copied into the lunch bar. Was it still there? I have no idea.

But the house looked sweet and appreciated and they’re so happy there. so good for them. And I don’t have to visit very often.

But he had these photos. Did I want them. How did I know? I figured they were probably just photos of Deb’s life in Bloomsburg, but it was so kind of him not to throw them away, so, I said, yes, please.

And then avoided picking them up. because… I’d have to go to the house to get them…

But there they were. My Nana and my mom, sisty and niece. in soft, sweet, living color. So potent, this picture of these beloved women.

And he walked me outside and we looked at deb’s redbud which was blooming like crazy and at the holly, which needed some attention, and at the maple which grew from my parents’ maple… and saw how his roots are entwined with ours. And intellectually, I thought how great and in my heart I screamed I want my sister. And meanwhile I talked with his dad about music and Steve and him about the house and the pool.

And what a sweet, sweet gift he gave me. There are a whole bunch of kinds of Peace in his gesture. My job now is to come to terms with both the Peace and the connections, however that gets done. Giving thanks for his kindness.




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