Sugar Moon Distilling into Peace

You see videos with people doing lots of experiments about how well we respond to people in need. Actually we don’t do very well. People do better in some other countries, and then not so well in some others.

And while it’s an interesting experiment, people’s putting money into the cups of homeless people isn’t all that’s needed by a long shot.

We need to be clear that homelessness isn’t acceptable. We need to be clear that we need jobs and homes, we need people’s generosity and we need people’s strategic addressing of the problems. we need good will, good intentions and good work.

And we need Peace… and Peace needs us… it’s not just our generosity that’s needed, it’s our determination to make the world different… all the pieces are there, the configuration has just been wrong… so let’s boil it all down again. See if we can’t find the nectar that will fuel us for the Peace journey.


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