Stories of Peace, llvl

What are the stories you tell at home? Kia, listening to her mom explain Diwalli to us, was excited to tell me that her family told that story at home. She was so proud to have “their” story told.

It made me remember reading together as a family. We read lots of things, all of us together. I don’t recall my sister’s opting out because she was too old or had heard one of the stories too many times. Even when we all read, we loved to be read to. And it was straight up reading… no one ever imposed a voice on Pooh, so Pooh’s voice was still the one you imagined.

But this particular story was a story of liberation, faith, hope and inter-species cooperation. It was a tale of identity and love. Her pride made me think, oh, we need more stories…

Thanks, Kia! Here’s to more stories of Peace and Identity.



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