Starry Chalice of Peace

Ah, the Moon. The Planets. Endlessly entertaining.

And the human mind, endlessly inventive.

And that’s a power to use for the good, isn’t it? If we can see a chalice, that makes us think of refuge offered to to people under siege and we’re encouraged to be welcoming, I say take your portents from the sky.

You say, hornswoggle? That’s fine and dandy. What encourages you to be welcoming?

Because isn’t that the question?

What makes us put our hearts and souls on the line? What makes each of us get to work in the world. Something different for each of us… But goodness the world needs us.

And really. the stupid silly brouhaha about whether or not Starbucks cups are killing Christmas. And I know no one I know is saying that, but lots are posting articles about ridiculous people’s saying that. Really? People get their religion from Starbucks? Oh, wait, they’re the people who published the story about the child soldier weren’t they… when no one else would.

But go to your religious communities for your holidays. Do your work in the world. And support the mega-conglomerate of your choice for coffee. Or get it at your local coffee house where your business makes a difference.

And don’t talk to me about the color of your coffee cups until there are no more hungry children in this world. You wanna bitch about folks’ missing the celebration of the tiny Bethlehem Babe? Look at how many children are still hungry. Right here. Right next door to you. Fix that. Wanna help fix that in the Susquehanna Valley? Go right here and help.

Peace of the Starry Chalice to you, my dears. And may there be no hungry children because we decide it is unacceptable. Let there be Peace on Earth, and let it begin with feeding hungry children. and us. Let it begin with us. No need to wait for whatever winter holidays you celebrate to start this observance.




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