Spelunking for Peace

One of the rarely remembered pieces of my youth was going out with the caving club my first semester in college. (What was I thinking?) Wiggling through enclosed spaces isn’t exactly what you’d expect me to do. Or it isn’t exactly what I’d expect me to do… And then I got in trouble with the dorm president because she didn’t get the call that i’d be coming back late. So I got yelled at for no reason. Put me right off spelunking, if the actual spelunking hadn’t already!

None of which has anything to do with today’s stalactites and stalagmites. Those incredible pieces of beauty grown from dripping water. Drop by drop making a difference.

That’s the way we we can make a difference with Peace. Drop by drop.

It’s what we must do… It’s what the world needs. And Peace is every bit as beautiful as the Luray Caverns! Or will be if we persist!




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