Soup and Peace

There are days when only soup will do the job. For whatever reason you’re feeling less than your best self, a bowl of soup can help to make your world right again.

Especially on a frigid day like this, it’s a great thing to set a pot of soup simmering on your stove. Your house fills up with steamy goodness; the scent alone says you’re taking care of yourself… You empty the refrigerator and make something wonderful.

It’s good for so many reasons, not the least of which is it uses up the things in your cupboard and fills you up without demanding a lot of the Earth. My friend makes soup for his mom as she ages, because chewing is harder. She gets to have favorite flavors and the comfort of a family recipe. Soup nourishes and nurtures.

I don’t make enough soup. Partially that’s because i live alone and still haven’t learned to make soup for one person with only a little left over. Oh, put it in your freezer, people say. Really? I’ll never eat a gallon of soup. Still you find ways. You also find the places that keep soup in your life. Happily there are a couple restaurants now that focus on soup.

Sometimes, when there are things going on in people’s lives or your own, there is nothing sweeter than sitting down and sharing a bowl of warmth. Whether, spicy, hearty, delicate, it comforts and sustains.

Sometimes Peace really is that simple. Soup doesn’t answer all the questions in life, but it can give you a pause from the madness. Sweet comfort alone or shared. There can be Peace in that, if we’ll allow it!


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