Sorting the Stuff from the Peace

It’s an end of the year exercise. Do I want or need this? Does this bring me Peace? Does this clutter up my dreams?

Can i let things go?

Can I just sit in my chair and read a romance… which i love to do this time of year!

Sort, shuffle, straighten, read. Maybe even write a little.

Ah the glories of the days in between. No deep thoughts. Just sweet longings for Peace and trying to clear a path through the holiday clutter to the essence of it.



One thought on “Sorting the Stuff from the Peace

  1. Beautiful! Sorting between needs and wants….what to keep, what to purge. I’m getting better at deciding to let go. Practice and a sense of mortality have been helpful in my quest for less clutter. Talking both physical and emotional clutter. The more I get rid of the clutter, the more free I feel. And the beautiful moon, ahhh, that moon! Peace

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