Slow Sabbath Peace, llvl

Yesterday was a slow day for me. And today will probably be as well. I had one of those 24 hours things… and so I crept around the edges of the the exuberant life being celebrated in the rantala-sundberg house… and slept.

I’m not used to a house full of boys in the best of circumstances, but feeling lousy in the face of this coming and going meant that i just put my head down. An amazing thing, sleeping the day away.

Today, everyone’s off… Lorraine and Kjell are taking their younger son back for his second year of school. Older son’s taking the bus back home and I? am going to have this whole gray quiet Sunday to myself. Lungn o Ro… Peace and quiet! Gathering things together if my mind works…

Pretty darned lovely! Time to get ready for my last lovely week in Sweden.

Hope that your Sabbath is filled with slow and lovely times… and Peace.


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