Slip Sliding Toward Peace

Perhaps it’s because I sit and look at a beautiful brass gong from my writing chair, But I am beginning to envision the path toward Peace as a large circle converging on one beautiful center. (This gong is a series of concentric circles in dark or shiny brass.) The outside is the not knowing, the bright inside is walking (and by far the largest part of the gong) and the dark and beautiful center is where all our notions for peace converge.

That’s the story I’m telling, at any rate. And there were are, walking, walking, walking. Sometimes stumbling, sometimes skipping, sometimes needing to sit down on the side of the road, and sometimes, truth to tell, sitting down to enjoy the view and maybe some company.

But here in my part of the world, it’s snowing. So any Peace steps are going to have to be careful ones. Unless, of course, you think what the heck and try a slow and careful and joyful slide. As we get old and creaky, it’s a scary thought, but how exhilarating. Life isn’t all plodding. Sometimes it’s good to let the cold air invigorate rather than just irritate! Woosh.



2 thoughts on “Slip Sliding Toward Peace

  1. I hope you publish all your peace postings in book form. They are better than anything this peacebuilder has ever read. At the risk of sounding too gushy, I will tell you that having you in my life if only via Facebook (so far) is a huge treasure!

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