Sisters… sisters…

I love the song from White Christmas. (OK, I love the whole movie. I used to watch it with my mom, and late in her dementia, Mom, who became incredibly agitated around TV, started cooing when she heard the opening song.)

But I also love the concept. I’m delighted to have a sister. There are eight years between us, so it took our being adults for our sister relationship to flourish, but when we got started we got really good at it.

Along the way, I started collecting sisters. Wonderful women folded themselves into my life and folded me into mine. I learned more about being a sister.

Fast forward through life. Lots happened in my life and in my sister Deb’s. We’re now living 30 minutes apart and enjoying the fruits of sisterness. When there’s good news, we’re the first person to called. The same is true with bad news.

But now my sister is waiting for health news with a lot of scary portent. I’m not at home. It feels awful. But as we all know, good or bad, the news will be there when I get back. But in the meantime, I rejoice in knowing that my beloved sister is safe in the hands of her beloved friends. Her Sisters that she’s picked up along the way. In particular the Sisters (and Brothers to be sure) in the town where she’s retired. They’ve brought her food and weeded her garden. They’ve swum in her pool. They’ve made her laugh and feel loved. And now when I am far from home, they will go to initial doctor’s visits and discuss options.

My sister’s health is in good hearts as well as hands. A sister could not ask for more. If you don’t have a circle of love, start building. you’ll always be so happy to have them. And in moments like this, you’ll be glad your sisters and cousins and friends have them too. Sing Ho! to the cloud of love around Deb. Sing ho! to any cloud love that makes a difference in your life.

thanks. a


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