Silly Preoccupations, Interrupting Peace

I love how delightfully loopy life is. You go along, earnestly working on Peace, content with Life as you know it, at as you lead it.

And VROOOOOOM, a 60s muscle car goes by, 457 engine, four on the floor (5s not yet invented!), candy apple red — and everything you know about the environment goes right out the window. All you can do is think, OOOH, I’d like me one of those!”

But hey, we’re human, right?

And I’m not driving one. (Why buy a car when you can buy clothes, right?)

But thanks to Heather for this fun reminder of a youth that was nowhere near as misspent as I might have liked it to be.

Peace, my friends. Enjoy the day dreams. And the Joy they engender.


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