Silliness for Peace

Sometimes, I confess, my brain makes weird (wonderful) loops. I think this was one of them. You may or may not…

But the horse just looked so “newsy” as my mom would have called her. (I guess you couldn’t mention noses in her house while they were growing up. She always said cows were newsy.)

And the dog was so disinterested in what was going on. snugly tucked against the warm barn wall, catching a snooze in the sun.d

Next thing you know, there I was anthropomorphizing! And amusing myself. There are worse things!

And if you’re going to work for Peace, you’re going to have to find your sweetness and light where you can, because often Peace is very heavy going. Not always, but often enough!

So here’s to laughter and to silliness, and to fabulous new red shoes. And oh, yeah, here’s to Peace



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