Shining Peace at the Moon

What if all of us at some point when the Moon were in the sky made the effort to look up and smile Peace and Love at the Moon?

Naïve, surely.

But it costs nothing and it hurts nothing, which is certainly not what we can say about the trying to war our way to Peace.

And it might change our mindset as we begin to have Peace on our hearts and our faces on a regular basis. It is exactly those times of being open and unguarded that we move forward in Peace, I think. And it might start us making constructive movement toward Peace in a world too frightened to let go of the hatred.

We might check our Moon calendar and see when the moon shines on Iraq or Syria and send our best Love. Or know when the Moon smiles at Nigeria and offer hope for a suffering people.

Peace begins where we are. And the Moon will be all the more radiant for our Hope and Love.


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