Sheldon for Peace. How About You?

To be transparent, and why not be, I’ve never met Sheldon.

But I’ve met others of his ilk. Cheerful, enthusiastic, game for anything.

Sadly, most humans, myself included, cannot be described this way. We’re far more complicated. True, many of us are bears of slightly larger brains which can lead to wonderful things, but also to overthinking. And sometimes, overthinking seems to lead to paralysis. It can also lead to a lack of generosity.

Forgiveness isn’t easy for us. Festering, on the other hand, is.

Joyful participation isn’t automatic. Too often we feign boredom, which becomes actual boredom, rather than going along for the ride, or the walk, or the work.

And we’re all too busy to just be.

I really think Sheldon’s got something to teach us about Peace. I wonder if I am willing to learn it. I wonder if you are. I wonder if we’re willing to go along together on the walk toward Peace.


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