Saints and Dragons and Peace

Well, it is all Saints Day. Ancient holy days in the Christian church, but also holy days far more ancient than Christianity.

This is the time when the veil between this world and the next is understood to be the thinnest. The fog is a symbol of that. It’s a time to learn from our ancestors — and tomorrow is a day to celebrate them.

But today is a day to remember those people who have inspired you, whose stories have made and continue to make you want to be a better person. Let me learn from the Peace-makers — enough that I may become one.

I love the picture of this log, which looks so very like an ancient dragon, sniffing the air for the scent of those Saints… longing to breathe in the scent of those who set their sights on Peace. Peace for the ecosystem. Peace for the world. Peace.

May I and each of you offer the dragon the sweet essence of Peace. May we make our way in the world honoring what is sweet and true and beautiful. Together, let us Peace.


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