Sacred Water Peace Blues, llvl

It was International Water Day (and I missed it! well, I was writing about something else.) If you’ve been following me long you know I love Water. My completely non-scientific take on my love for the wet stuff is that I’m an earth sign and it’s only in water that I decompress a bit… And of course, I am as they say in relation to matzoh balls, a floater… What’s not to like.

Many of my most precious memories are about water and times I spent in and on it. Chinese medicine would tell you that memories and inheritance are held in the kidneys… that water reference makes sense to me!

So to stop and contemplate what it would mean not to have free access to water for drinking, for bathing and for swimming is a terrible thing to imagine. We are so privileged here. We have so much. So why can’t we notice and appreciate? Why can’t we protect.

I’ve got grandchildren. Ones a great swimmer. The other one is a great mucker about in ponds… What if they don’t get to hop off the boat into the river to see what they can see? What if they can’t float down the river on something inflated and just thrill. And what… if like so much of the world…. we didn’t have safe drinking water. 6000 children die every day from unsafe water. We should fret about that. We should do something. We should stop certain someones from doing other things that endanger the water. As much as I like swimming, I like fresh water better… and I want it for all the children. I know you do too… How are we working for Peace?


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