Sacred Peace of the Month

Or should that be Peace of the Sacred Month? Titles. They’re not always easy!

But here’s my point. Each month the Earth has different work to accomplish. This month it’s about returning (look, the swans are back!), defrosting (oh, look, mud) and pushing (I can get this green shoot out of this bulb!). The winds scour away the dead wood. The skies can’t decide whether to rain or snow, but they’re dropping as much moisture on us as possible.

If we decide to honor the Earth’s cycle and concentrate on doing things in tandem with the cycle, our work will progress much more quickly. That would mean that our work this month would be the beginning of manifesting our dreams for Peace. Put small pieces of your dream to work. See some preliminary success. Notice what doesn’t flourish. Figure out where the obstacles are and set about removing them. Allowing yourself to succeed will encourage you to keep trying. Peace needs you to keep trying.

And there’s a bonus with this process. At the same time you’ll be paying attention to and honoring this astonishing Earth and your particularly beautiful region. This will offer you Peace even as you’re making Peace.


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