Sabbath Peace Morsels, llvl

Living la vida local. Knowing your community. I think these things really matter. Because if you know where you are in the world, and who’s around you, your movements can be freer.

Yesterday at a wedding, I watched two brides make two young men incredibly happy. They invited them into their family and gave them rings to signify their place in the pack. Both of these guys have challenging lives. Being not just accepted, but celebrated was amazing for them. And yet, it was a pretty easy gesture on the women’s part; the guys are already part of their lives. But that they thought of it, and then did it, was an act of kindness that touched and I would venture changed everyone there.

We can be different. We can do differently. We can transform people’s lives with our Love.

If we can, why wouldn’t we? Why wouldn’t we make Peace… maybe a lot of little steps can make the larger ones look less daunting. Maybe we’ll be encouraged to demand them of those who are in a better position to make them. Peace. We can stretch out our hands.

It’s Sunday in the midst of the holiday season… What wonderful thing are you going to do for yourself? Will you do it alone or with others? I’m going to the movies with a friend! yay!


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