Sabbath Peace and New Beginnings, llvl

There are extraordinary people I suppose who are world Peacemakers. But most of us live la vida local. That means we must make Peace where we are.

Not just that convenient little Peace where you think what I think and I think what we think and we’re all happy and self-satisfied. But that slightly uncomfortable yet oh-so-satisfying Peace where we stretch beyond the known and really do the work. We look at what needs to be done and do it. And then we stretch our reach a bit to the next place in our lives and spread what we’re doing.

There are places all over the world we can look… and there are places here. We can’t look at our borders and see people refusing children and think we are doing well with Peace. We can’t look at Ferguson and dream for one minute it couldn’t happen here… unless we do something…

This is a Sabbath for some of us. Some of you had it yesterday. Let us rest. Let us take pleasure, and then let us get to work. Let us stretch across boundaries. Stretch where it is uncomfortable… Let us do yoga of the heart and soul… Let us stretch for Peace. It’s really kinda urgent…


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