Sabbath Appreciation of Peace

This has been a week with many opportunities to reflect on cooperation and support that develops as I (we) live la vida local.

I’ve had both meetings and tasks all week. Since I’m in a helping profession, this often means that the work I do is for other people. At every step of the way this week, someone was there to help me make my work better and easier. And more fun.

I’ve always had good friends. One of the things friends do is help one another out. But living in community is new to me — and very precious. I am amazed and grateful that this is my life. I’ll be thinking over my lovely life as I go to hear four or five of my friends sing holiday songs this afternoon…

Part of living la vida local in a small town is that much of the music and theater you get to enjoy is done by people you know. And that adds richness and sweetness to the experience — and far more expertise than one might initially expect…

So here’s to you and to a holiday Sunday filled with joy and appreciation. This isn’t how I though my life would look. But it sure is lovely! Thanks. Peace on Earth! and so much Joy!




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