Rooted in Peace

I love this picture. I tried several times to write a very different musing. Although this was musing was my first response to the photo… how could you NOT want to crawl in there with a book — well except for bugs and critters — but it wasn’t the only response i had.

I kept thinking about how my roots are planted in so many different places: The Central Susquehanna Valley to be certain, but also New York City, Oakland, and certainly Sweden. I have tiny tendrils sunk into the ground in Boston and Paris as well. Nothing big, and a nothing sustaining… but certainly tethers.

I’ve loved living wherever I’ve lived. I’ve made friends there. I’ve eaten good food and seen great sights. Some of those friends are gone. Some of those places I haven’t seen for 30 years. But… they bind my heart in lovely ways!

I think of myself as a pretty sturdy tree. But my roots are deep and comfortable in many different kinds of soils in many parts of the country. And I like that.

It causes me to think things through. I like that. It also causes me to realize how different we are here, there, and everywhere. Peace is an amalgam.

Peace is an amalgam we need. Peace to you.


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