Roller Derby Peace?

I have to admit, I don’t get roller derbies. I’ve had a fairly limited access to it — it may have occasionally been on tv when i was a kid, but believe me when i tell you, it was not a Betty and Sam kinda activity.

I’m pretty clumsy, so I was never particularly drawn to roller skating. I had some. I went to a couple parties. My mom and my sister were dyn-o-mite skaters… but me? not so much! So roller derby takes some thinking into. And yet, people I know are becoming fierce skaters. Go Skate Women Go!

But, it dawned on me as I was looking at Heather’s pic, that Life and Peace can be a lot like skating. You start with the small doable projects and get good at them, and then you speed up.

There’s a pretty good parallel for how life functions. Start slow, get your skills up, and skate like hell for Life and for Peace. (and squeal and laugh and have a good time while doing it!)


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