Reworking Sabbath Peace, llvl

Sundays are work days for me, but at the heart of this work day is reflection. Why yes, in fact it is hard to plan a day of reflection that is also fairly active… But it starts with singing, and aside from the sound there’s breathing, breathing, breathing involved. And then there’s a period of joint reflection. sometimes others share what they’re thinking… sometimes not so much… but still, there’s a stop. Maybe even a moment of waking up.

Stops. Such a lovely concept. We don’t use them often enough.

And we need them. Because too often the work we do needs to be rethought. We make great plans and then realize we hadn’t thought at all about this consequence or that unrecognized player. And then we have to revisit everything… often on the fly.

And because of my work, Sundays are reflection day… sometimes solitary, sometimes joint… but the work gets better.

And then there’s always putting my feet up! And that’s Peace enough for anyone. Enjoy the day. Hopefully there will be a moment to reflect and reorganize… Sabbath Peace.



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