Reflecting the Peace of Advent

I’m glad when Advent stops me in my tracks and demands a little bit of internal work.

And I love that Reflecting is a double sided word. It’s not simply what i take into me and consider; it’s also what I give out to the world.

So it’s something very precious and important. I must consider, who I am, what I do, how I love. And I must smile my best self back at the world. I must shine like the Moon and I want what I reflect to be beautiful. So I must do my internal work… I must shine back your beauty. It’s righteous work Good work.

And while we’re considering… Here’s the Alternative Advent for today: how many vehicles is your family lucky enough to have? Put 75 cents in the bucket for each one.

Peace, my friends. let’s work to fill our lives with Peace. And the lives of others.


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