Re-membering Peace, llvl

For some reason I’ve always liked the prod that the hyphen gives this word… to-remember, to put the body back together.

Today it’s a year that Debbie died. It’s extraordinary. It’s excruciating. and… it’s life.

And we remember so many as we remember one beloved… so many beloved dead. Which means nothing more than one was incredibly lucky in life, I suppose… to have loved and been loved so well.

I will remember the morning. Katy and I giving her a bath. Watching Katy, learning from her gentle conversation and loving touch.

At the end, Kathy, Nancy, Tom and I gathered around the bed. Elijah, were you there? can’t remember, because memory is faulty. Friends gathered in the living room. Keeping watch, sitting vigil.

The last moments. That last moment of goodbye. Oh it pains and tries to obscure the joys and the laughter… But re-membering means putting all the joy and the laughter back in.

That’s where the Peace is… hmmm. still piece work, eh? piecing together Peace. And the sun rises and the sun sets and the sun rises again.


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