Rainy Day Peace

I love watching it rain. I particularly love watching it rain on water. Plunk. Plink. Plunk.

If it’s warm or if my feet are dry, I love being out in it. Even drenching rains. (ok, if it’s warm, I’m likely to take my shoes off). It’s not so fun if you’re supposed to be all dressed up, but I have great raincoats, because … rain!

We all grumble about it, but it’s so needed. What it also is is useful! It’s also forgiving, erasing evidence of our past mistakes… hiding our tears when we go for a walk.

Rain falls, the saying goes, on the just and the unjust. We say, and need to mean, no justice, no peace (thank you Bob Marley), but for Peace to happen at some point there needs to be forgiveness. Rain reminds me that this is possible.


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