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I mentioned that I would be presenting exceptional women during the 12-day Spirited Women Fest. First interview is with the wonderful Trinity Harris who is 50% of Rainbow Warrior Awaken — wonderful, wonderful cards. Can’t wait to get my hands on them. Given the nature of this blog and my great goals, I asked my interviewees about how their work impacts community…Trinity, thank you so much for your wonderful work.

1. Hi, My name is Trinity Harris.  Thirty one years ago a travel quest that took me all over the Northwest and down the Yukon River through Canada and Alaska, landed me in the lush Willamette Valley of Oregon (Eugene to be exact) and I knew I had found home.  During my years in Eugene I have parented two amazing human beings and been married to a man, Louis Carosio, who has been my friend, my teacher, my soul mate and my business partner.  Together we co-founded the Radiant Life Center through which we offer our counseling, classes and retreats and Pathways to Radiant Loving, which focuses on counseling and retreats for couples. My most recent and very exciting project has been co-creating with artist Mara Berendt Friedman of New Moon Visions, the divination deck and guidebook Rainbow Warrior Awaken!™ Your Journey of Guidance and Healing. A chance meeting of Nancy Mills of The Spirited Woman in the summer of 2010 introduced her to my work and eventually to Rainbow Warrior Awaken! which was first published in November of 2010.

2. My highest intention through these past 31 years has been to reach beyond my fear and limiting beliefs and feelings in order to go Further.  I feel that we create our lives one moment and one thought at a time.  We dream our own dream and we all have the ability to dream well.  It has been my great passion to help others to live free of their self-perceived limitations and to truly find their joy.

3. I start the work of making the world a better place with my own work – taking responsibility for my awakening and transformation.  I strive to inquire within myself for anywhere that my own heart is not open and free.  I desire to love well.  My practice is to find gratitude every day.  If I touch even one client’s heart and help them to be freer of fear and to know their own Essence, I know I have impacted our world in a positive way. My practice as a mother and wife has been to delight in who these special beings are – and release them from my own ego desires, trusting in their unfolding journey.  Rainbow Warrior Awaken!™ is mine and Mara’s contribution to a balancing of Mother Earth. The art, the poetry and the writing represent the archetypal journey of the soul, the journey that we are all on.  When we began the creation of RWA! our intention was to provide both women and men with simple yet deep guidance and healing wisdom.  We knew we wanted our creation to be deeply rooted in the Divine Feminine, helping others to experience and connect more powerfully to that profoundly healing energy within and around us.  We wanted our creation to be a celebration of all that is sacred in our lives and an honoring of the Rainbow Way of Beauty.   As we watch our Rainbow Girl make her way ever further into the world and we hear from others who are touched by her, touched by our work, we feel deeply gratified and grateful.  And did I mention that we are having a great time riding this ride!

4.  Long before the two of us met, in 2004 Mara was inspired to create a painting she called Rainbow Warrior Awaken!  She then began to learn more and more about the various prophecies that involve the Rainbow Warriors. In 2006 another painting came to her, which she entitled Enter the Rainbow Door. Just a few months later we met and though we did not know it at the time, with that meeting we entered the rainbow door. Shortly thereafter I led her in a healing process that left us both completely lit up and open.  Soon after, Mara began to awaken in the night hearing the words “Rainbow Warrior Awaken! the answer is with the maiden”.  She started to receive dreamtime information about a project that was about the Rainbow Warrior and combined her artwork with writing.  She also knew that I was the one she was to co-create this with.  She came to me with just a vision and a lot of notes and drawings on random pieces of paper.  Having no idea what I was about to embark upon, my “YES” was immediate and sure.  We began a 3 & ½ year project that has been our own journey of guidance and healing and growth.  Together we have formed a creative partnership and friendship that we will always cherish.  So beautiful to follow our visions and the inner yes!

5. A 40 year journey of spiritual seeking has brought me to a place where I have stopped looking outside myself for answers.  I know that no path or teacher will lead me to enlightenment.  I have come to know that awakening can only be found by recognizing that I am dreaming, seeking to wake up within the dream and embracing each moment as it is, even when it is challenging. This and being in gratitude for everything as it is, constitutes my spiritual practices.  A favorite author of mine, Jed McKenna, put it so perfectly when he said “The process of awakening can be viewed as the transition between two poles; the journey from fear and wrong making to gratitude and open eyed acceptance”

6. Mara and I and Rainbow Warrior Awaken! will be a feature in “Spirited   Products and Services”.

I will end with the poem for the RWA! card I just drew – asking for whatever wanted to be shared today on this blog.

The Card is #4 – Wisdom Action

  • Rainbow Warrior Awaken!
  • You stand noble and tall.
  • Your action now is needed,
  • Your heart does hear the call.
  • Containment is of value,
  • Calm thoughts bring lotus mind.
  • Your wisdom guides your actions.
  • Seek council from inside.

© 2010 TrinQuinity Productions Mara Berendt Friedman and Trinity Harris

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