Preparing and Waiting for Peace

An empty mailbox beside an empty field. Ready. Waiting. Or is it

A stuffed mailbox beside a seeded field?

You can’t tell by looking. You have to explore. You have to ask. You have to prepare. You have to reach out.

Fields and mailboxes: both demand participation.

Except when delightful surprises surface. A volunteer flying seed can propagate in an empty field. A letter that you don’t expect can arrive. In both cases, the news can be either a pleasant or an unpleasant surprise.

But that’s the nature of life isn’t it.

However, you can make sure that people have pleasant surprises by mailing a lovely letter… or planting the seed for a beautiful flower or an interesting vegetable at the corner of a field.

Whether you’re the one who gives the gift or the one who receives it, both offer possibilities for Peace. Deepen those possibilities why don’t you? Let’s Peace!


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