Porcupettes for Peace

Actually, I confess, I don’t know whether African porcupines are peaceable animals. Well thank goodness for Mr. Google, he had all sorts of information for me. African porcupines can way as much as 60 pounds — that’s a lot of quill pig!

They’re herbivores. They go about trying not to bother anyone. They collect bones… what’s that about? I’m sure there’s some sort of dietary thing there. They live about 20 ears. They’re monogamous. They weigh up to 60 pounds.

They’re not amused when people or animals bother them. These guys can have quills up to 14 inches long. But it’s the short ones that are more dangerous, lodging like fish hooks under the skin of their attackers. They have rattle quills on their tails which sound like hissing when the rattle.  Mess with them, and they turn around and charge you, butt first.

But mostly, you leave them alone to go about their business. You work to keep their habitat healthy so they don’t become even more endangered than they are. Don’t buy things with their quills on them, because they’re very expensive and thus much prized. We pretty much have to stop buying things made out of animals. That’s just the way it is!

If you’re lucky, you get to cuddle a little (vewy carefully, vewy carefully!). Sadly the only reason you get to cuddle is because mama can’t mamma… So, hurrah for Dagny for taking care of this needy porcupette. (I’m in love with the name!)

Otherwise enjoy the picture and be grateful that there are those who take care!


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