Planning for Advent’s Peace

When life is too overwhelming, and it seemed that way yesterday, it’s time to make some plans. They don’t have to be huge ones. They just have to be tiny baby steps. Anything to move you from where you were to where you would rather be. And it’s better if those steps are considered… not just a blind rushing which often leads me in not so great directions!

I was tired. I don’t seem to be sleeping well. Is it the swimming? Is it the violence? Some weird balance. And when I’m tired, I get grumpy.

I’m not my best. In fact I can do a bad imitation of a two-year old in desperate need of a nap.

Some male, who needed to explain to this poor city woman, because of course I have to be one because I believe in sensible gun laws, didn’t understand the way all of rural USA is teeming with militias who needed their semi-automatic weapons to take down the government bent on forcing healthcare down their throats and disarming them.

Another rattled on about the threat from Muslims — and this is the first terror on these shores since 9/11… Too bad about the dead people at all the schools and Planned Parenthoods and churches. Too bad Gabby Gifford. No one can see you because your assailant was white.

I engaged. It’s a ridiculous exercise and not worthy of being indulged. and then I steamed. Dumb. So my dear friend grabbed me and threw a new idea at me. Here we are, trying something new. We’ll see how it goes. More about that later.

But the fact was a few small steps and we turned it around. ok. And a quick nap too. But planning. If you’re dreaming — it takes plans to make those dreams come true. And Peace and Advent are worthy of our dreams and our plans.

Alternative Advent today? 20¢ for every cell phone or mobile device. yep. it’s embarrassing! Think of it this way. Kids will eat!


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