Pink Peace Lunacy

We hear and we hear and we hear about things that are wrong with this world. And there are many things. Isn’t it time that we begin to create the things that are right with this world? Isn’t it time we be what is right with this world?

I’m still grappling with this notion of sacred honor… trying to understand what it means to me… thinking that perhaps it needs to mean something so that things change. I believe that we’re the change. And that people in parts of the world where change is much harder than here need to know that we believe that they’re the change.

Although it’s certainly easier for me to consider what the change might be here far away from some of the awful violence people are experiencing.

But if Spring can turn a white world into pink beauty, if the Moon can go from nothing to bursting, if we can begin again, then Lunacy is not impossible — and neither is Peace. Let us be Lunatics of Love and Hope and Peace. Let’s start now!


2 thoughts on “Pink Peace Lunacy

  1. –“people in parts of the world where change is much harder than here NEED TO KNOW that we believe that they’re the change.” What great insight, and absolutely right on. I love today’s Pink Moon Dark Moon Lunacy, too. Sacred Village has provided such motivation that I’m immediately changing my whole day’s plan. Delegating all errands to husband and I’m getting to work!

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