Picnic Peace, llvl

Sitting on the rocks in the middle of the sea, I am certain that I could do this at home.

But, I don’t.

Why is that? Why don’t I take stillness in the midst of the great beauty that is my home ground… indeed my life.

It’s not as if it’s not there to enjoy. Just over a week ago, I was out on a boat in the middle of the Susquehanna with my brother- and sister-in-spirit. and it was quiet and sweet. Not long before that, I was sat in the middle of Penn’s creek. But this absolute do-nothingness, absolute immersion in the elements, day after day, that is not something I give myself. It’s a shame. I know, all of life is not a vacation, but it’s not all work, either.

And this is wonderful. Because here I am, in the company of old friends, marooned on an island and sucking the marrow out of the day. yum. drinks on hotel patio overlooking the harbor. shelling shrimp at 9 at night (or what they’re calling night but is really full sunshine) on the home patio overlooking the harbor. Go to bed. get up. more of the same.

Just a few responsibilities: Be present. Enjoy. Count blessings. Give thanks. I hope I’m succeeding in my assignments. I’m sure at some point I’ll write, but… not for a while… and in the meantime, I’ll savor the Peace. Life is sacred. It is often filled with joy. To live this way is a prayer. I am the among the luckiest women in the world.


So, you heard it here first. Picnics in beautiful spots when i come home. ‘k?

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