Once, when talking to Kelly Himsl Arthur from Think Peace Worshops for (wonderful, wonderful) Girls (and when are you writing that article, Ann?) she used the word Peace Sister.

Yesterday, in my first sermon back from vacation, I talked about how startling that phrase was and how different it felt from Peace Maker. If you are a Peace Maker you start with the assumption that there is no Peace.

But if you are a Peace Sister, your work is nurturance rather than creation. Your job is to love, protect, play with, encourage, teach, learn from. It’s a title that’s rich with possibilities and rife with hard work. It’s a title and a mantle one can’t assume, unless I’m also willing to assume the responsibilities for My Sister Peace, My Brother Peace.

So… what do I think: Ann Keeler Evans, Peace Sister. what do you think? How’s it look? it feels pretty interesting. Why don’t you try it on? Your name, Peace Brother. Your name, Peace Sister. I must say, it looks good on you. You encourage me to try. And always, always, always, Kelly encourages me to be more and better. How great a friend is that?

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