Peace’s Slow Goodbye, llvl

Goodbye. Such a hard word. Such a hard thing.

And at the end of such a long and luxurious trip, you’re tempted to sneak off, to end it before the end — as if that wouldn’t hurt as well, as if it’s a good thing to mask your feelings.

I’ve always felt the pull of the quick exit, although I’m pretty good at not actually giving into that seductive pull.

Life is short. Pleasures are fleeting. And to give up any piece of it is to cheat yourself and to cheat life. You can’t count your blessings if you just blow by them!

So, off we go to Gothenburg, and three fun-filled days with dear dear friends… My job is to be present to every last drop of sweetness… Every last moment of Peace. Because this particular Peace will have to last me a good long while… I want to cram in every bit… Because as soon as we get home, there’s the Peace of home that will want attention. Peace be with us all…


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