Peacefully Down to the Sea

Ah, the beach! I really hope to get there this year.

When the path to the beach is a straight shot, you don’t think much about anything other than how quickly you can get to the ocean (and then in it! yay!).

But when the way winds and turns and hides itself from view all sorts of opportunities and surprises surface. Now you can simply plod on by and curse the idiot who laid out the path. Or you can take the opportunity to see what the pathway offers.

For me, from the hills and river valleys of PA, the beach is wonderfully mysterious. The wildlife is different from what hangs about here. So explore, pay attention.

There’s Peace in the ocean. There’s Peace on the beach. And there’s the Peace of getting there. Why rush by any of that?  Notice it. Revel in it all!

Enjoy! Peace!


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