Peaceful Forgiveness

My friends, I’ve posted these for your enjoyment while I’m away enjoying nature and time with my sister. I’ll be back live by the 21 of June.

Forgiveness is not really all about the person who wounded you. It’s greatly about your own psyche. If someone has done you grievous harm, it may be that you want to accept that it happened and forgive yourself for having been in harm’s way.

I hate the emphasis we’ve seen in the past couple years on cheap forgiveness. When heinous things happen, they remain heinous… and as I said perhaps we accept that things happened and that this person was damaged and sick. But we don’t need to embrace them. But we do need to let go of the past.

At the same time, if someone has done something that really is forgiveable and apologized, asking for forgiveness, why are you withholding forgiveness? Because you’re really the one now holding the weight of the action.

One of the most important parts of forgiveness, I believe is to put down the weight when we are ready. It’s a thought to entertain… I don’t think Peace happens without letting go of the grudge or making sense of the past. There has been the most unbelievable reconciliation work done in Africa, because people have confessed. The perpetrators of violence and the recipients are now, once again, living side by side.


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