Peace Wobble

No one makes it down the road to Peace without a few wobbles. It’s a myth that anyone is always upright, energetically striding toward Peace. And I think it’s important to know that at a cellular level. Because we all worry so much… what if this happens, we worry… but what if things were just fine? Would that be all right with us?

As the Weebles teach us, there’s always a period when you find your feet again, even when you’ve been dreadfully overset or unbalanced… However unlikely that feels on the downswing. And reaching center is probably a momentary experience — that will repeat and repeat itself for years. as long as we keep moving forward. And as long as we keep laughing about the times it looks so scary!

And for me, I’m most likely to find that Balance and that Peace in the company of friends. It’s the medicine that keeps me going… hurrah, hooray! and thank you one and all who bore me up through this process.


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