Peace to Keep Working On

Many projects don’t get started and then finished, 1,2,3. We like to think they do, but life interrupts. We may not have the information we need to continue. We may lose focus or even interest.

Peace is one of those projects. There are just so many facets.Things get put to the side. If you’re like me, they get buried in a pile of paper. Occasionally you take a day and start to work toward the bottom of the pile. Often the things that are buried have knotty little problems to address.

There are days that you poke around at those problems and don’t accomplish much more than moving things from one side to the next. And that day is just as precious and sacred as any other.

Some days you look at the sun and notice that it is poking its way along to sunset. Ah, you feel reassured, it is not just you. Even the stars and planets have their off days. Sometimes the Sun drops behind the horizon like a stone. Other days Sundown is a rather aimless occurrence.

Bless those days. Bless that pokey ol’ Peace. And keep going. Tomorrow is a whole new day to push for Peace. And the day after that. And the one that follows. Everyday Peace. Every day, Peace.


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