Peace Steps

Let me hold myself accountable. Let me, at the end of every day, remind myself of the progress I have made. Most days we will not be making Peace strides, although some days we will. Some days will be a chacha and we’ll dance in place. Many days we’ll just take mincing steps forward. But those are steps forward! This is progress.

I am sick to death of people’s whining that progress doesn’t need to be made because “he” or “she” is guilty of some real or imagined wrong. And therefore we’re off the hook. I’m tired of reading people’s posts on FB where we sound more like 6 year old’s who are angry because our 2 1/2 year old sib doesn’t have to do the chores we do. so we’re not going to so there. great. stupid. tiresome.

I once wrote a prayer for evening ice cream eating and blessing counting. The thought was you limited your bites of ice cream to the blessings you could count. I may need to do one with what chocolate and peace steps. Want your chocolate (insert any favorite food here) work for Peace. Worried you’ll eat too much chocolate? given the number of steps most of us take toward peace, i wouldn’t worry too much… and once we get good at the dance, we’ll be too busy, except to celebrate a little.

It won’t happen every day. But begin to notice when you’re kind. Begin to notice when you’re reaching out toward people who are not just like you… Begin to notice that it feels good to believe you’re making progress. Notice. and keep creeping toward Peace.


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